It Has Been Revealed That Hello Kitty Is Not A Cat!?!


(PCM) I am seriously having trouble wrapping my head around this one, however the news has just been revealed by Sanrio that Hello Kitty is actually not a cat! Yes, you read that correctly…the cartoon character with the pointy ears and very CAT like whiskers is not actually a cat! The incredibly pop culture icon is actually a child, a little girl to be exact. The curator for the current L.A. exhibition focused on all things Hello Kitty revealed that the Sanrio company informed her that “Hello Kitty is not a cat. She’s a cartoon character. She is a little girl. She is a friend. But she is not a cat. She’s never depicted on all fours. She walks and sits like a two-legged creature. She does have a pet cat of her own, however, and it’s called Charmmy Kitty.” The curator goes on to explain that Hello Kitty is a “perpetual third-grader” and has a twin sister that lives in London. We also learned that Hello Kitty’s actual name is Kitty White and she is a Scorpio! Being a huge Hello Kitty fan, I am not overly sure how this news is sitting with me right now, but something about looking at Hello Kitty as an actual little girl is somewhat disturbing. I think I could have probably lived without this little tid-bit of information.