Restaurant Missed Connection Posting Goes Viral


(PCM) A waiter from Missouri posted a hilarious Missed Connection ad on the Kansas City Craigslist page. The posting was titled “ISO 2 SWF Who Walked Out On Tab After Class On Thursday – m4ww”. The man decided to make the hilarious post after two women left the restaurant where he worked without paying for their drinks. The post also included a physical description of both the women and the two male companions that they were with, as well as, what type of drinks they ordered. The waiter, Stephen O’Laughlin also made sure to note that the women may have been drinking prior to entering restaurant and perhaps they mistakenly thought that their male companions were going to be paying. O’Laughlin also went on to hilarious describe the way that the women made use of the lemons in their drinks, where as one apparently squeezed it very hard and the other one just plopped it right into the drink, he felt this subconsciously revealed that the three of them might have quite a bit in common. He then requested that the women contact him with the name of the next bar they are planning to go out to if they felt a connection or just want to pay for their outstanding tab. He did not reveal the name of the bar/restaurant in which he works and is surprised by all the attention the post is receiving. He has yet to actually hear back from the women involved.