Republican Social Media Campaign Showcases A Major Ad Fail


(PCM) We are sure that someone is in some hot water after eagle-eyed readers noticed a major advertising fail in the new “ImARepublican” social media campaign advertisement. In the ad a young man is shown reading a newspaper with the following text “Republicans read The New York Times in public”. This would not be an issue if the man pictured were actually reading a copy of The New York Time, however it is quite apparent that the newspaper is rather a copy of The Wall Street Journal … opps! Wall Street Journal reporter Jacob Bunge was one of the first people to notice the mistake and proceeded to call them out on Twitter. The man in the ad is actually reading the Money & Investing section of The Wall Street Journal. If you look very closely you can see the large “ING” at the top of the paper. The company behind the ad, Glass House Strategies, did confirm that the newspaper was actually The Wall Street Journal rather than The New York Times, however we are guessing they assumed that because it was blurry no one would know the difference. Think again!