Reporter Has A Hilarious Ride On Disneyland’s New Guardians Of The Galaxy Attraction

(PCM) We don’t know which looks more entertaining, Disneyland’s new Guardians Of The Galaxy Mission: BREAKOUT Ride or the reporter who rode it on live television giving us a priceless reaction. The reporter, Cory James, was among the first to ride the new ride, which sadly replaced the infamous Twilight Zone Tower Of Terror ride, but is roughly the same type of drop ride, just featuring Guardians of Galaxy characters instead. James was obviously ill-prepared for the rides free fall action and he lets out some hilarious shrieks and hollars and his facial expressions are just priceless. His reactions are so intense that at one point back in the studio his co-workers believe that he actually may have fainted on the ride. Check out the full video of James’s adventure ride below: