Repo! the Genetic Opera Coming To…Minnesota!

Repo! the Genetic Opera, the Goth opera that took the world by storm just a few years back is now coming to Minnesota as a shadow cast! For those who don’t know, a shadow cast is when actors re-enact the film in front of a screen while the film is being played behind them.   Sounds like a pretty fun deal, if you ask me! And what better film than Repo! the Genetic Opera? The cult classic film tells the tale of a very dark future where organ failures and death are common place and the only savior is GeneCo, a company that produces replacement organs. However, GeneCo has a very strict payment plan–if you don’t pay GeneCo within ninety days, they send a repo man after you to repossess their organs. The story focuses around one repo man in particular, Nathan Wallace, a widower with a dark past, and his daughter Shilo, a young girl who just wants to be a part of the frightening, intimidating world around her. With brilliant lyrics and a compelling, moving story, Repo! is a film that can teach us all a little something about overcoming our genetics. And that message is exactly what the “Little Glass Vial” shadow cast in Minnesota is going to deliver! However, it cannot happen without you! The cast is still looking for cast and crew members, such as people who are good with costumes, make up, and the works. There are also some minor parts still available for those interested in being in front of the screen. If you’re interested, you can find the group at Facebook, Twitter, or email them at [email protected] Testify, Repo! fans and help spread the message!