Remake Of The Bodyguard In The Works?!

It’s been rumored throughout the media that Warner Brothers is in the works to remake The Bodyguard, which was originally released in November 1992. It stars Whitney Houston as Rachel Marron, a pop singer who is becoming popular in Hollywood. Kevin Costner, who plays Frank Farmer, is a former secret service agent to President Reagan, who is asked to become a body guard to Rachel, who has been receiving threatening letters from a potential stalker. While in each other’s presence, they start to develop feelings for one another and eventually fall in love…typical romance story right?! So why remake it?! What’s going to be different about this version and why is a movie which was only out 18 years ago being remade?! Well the love story will still be a major plot line for this version of the film, but instead of the body guard being a former secret service agent, he will be a former Iraq War veteran. He will acquire the job of protecting the pop star as the first job he receives upon leaving the Army. With the social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace as well as internet sites such as Google Maps and TMZ, it’s easier for crazy stalkers to gain access to celebrities, which will make this body guard’s job harder than ever. Although their hasn’t been a cast selected on even talks of having selected anyone to play the famous roles, I have my top three picks of who I feel would fill the Rachel Marron’s role (and it’s just my opinion): Top Three Picks for Rachel Marron 1.Jennifer Hudson Simply because she has the singing voice and the acting ability to make this role believable 2.Beyonce Although I like her singing voice, and she did slightly better than I expected in Cadillac Records, I don’t think her acting skill is strong enough or consistent enough to be able to take this role on 3.Rihanna I chose her because the crew behind the remake is looking for a star with “global appeal”; Rihanna is a real pop-star so there is no work to be done there, but I’m not so certain about her acting ability or vocal range. There’s always acting and singing lessons…. Who do you think would best fit this role? What about the role as The Bodyguard?