Red Lobster Sees A Huge Sales Increase After Being Mentioned In Beyonce’s New Single!


(PCM) Seafood chain restaurant Red Lobster claims they have seen an almost 33 percent increase in sales after the release of Beyonce’s new single “Formation” where in a lyric she mentions taking her man to Red Lobster after sex! Talk about the power of pop culture! Reps from Red Lobster are deeming the sales increase the “Beyonce Bounce” and definitely credit her for the huge surge in sales. Red Lobster has seen a steady decline in sales over the last few years and was sold by Darden Restaurant Group back in 2014.  It is now privately owned by investment firm Golden Gate Capital. After Beyonce dropped the “Formation” video, Red Lobster also became trending topic on Twitter for the first time ever. Red Lobster is incredibly grateful to Queen Bey and they jokingly tweeted “Cheddar Bey Biscuits” has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?”. It is unclear whether or not Red Lobster has attempted to make any contact with Beyonce or her camp, but things are definitely moving forward at a fairly fast pace. Red Lobster boasts 700 locations in the United States and Canada.