Rebecca Black Redeemed With, “My Moment”

While we expected her next viral feat to be a dirge mourning her short-lived career, Rebecca Black decided to instead continue in her pop pilgrimage with a song of redemption. After her redundant and ultra-annoying musical failure, “Friday” was dubbed ‘the worst song ever’ by many, we assumed the preteen would be just another passerby in the industry. Upon staring in Katy Perry’s hit, retro mini-movie, “Last Friday Night” however,thirteen year old Black suddenly found herself on the reverse side of mockery; her fifteen minutes of fame have recommenced and the struggling songstress is here to tell the world that this is ‘her moment’. Black’s new video and single “My Moment” serve as reparations and reassurance for all of the churned stomachs and deafened ears subjected to “Friday”. Using this media as a means of musical rebirth, the aspiring artist seeks to start again on a clean, hater-free slate. She addresses the cynics and those who doubt her directly, saying, “Were you the one who said that I would be nothing/Well, I’m about to prove you wrong/I’m not the only one who believes in something/My one wish is about to come true.” The aspiring artist uses the video as a space to show her dreams manifesting themselves through fame-filled images. In the first shot, Rebecca is finishing up her cutesy song in the recording studio. Showing her smiling the entire time, and blowing bubbles in later shots, the age-appropriate video is playful, hopeful, and communicates her confidence. After wrapping up the record, Black leaves the studio and appears amidst a crowd of her fans to sign autographs. The camera flashes toward the Hollywood Hills, to the lovely kid-vocalist in her make up chair, to her full-fledged dance rehearsal with “So You Think You Can Dance” finalists Robert Roldan and Kent Boyd, and then to the back of a limo where the soloist in a big red dress awaits her moment to grace the red carpet. Calling Black a Billboard bound celeb or the modern-day Marilyn Monroe in her pin-up red dress would be stretch. With such a great team behind her however, (production credits include Charlton Pettus, writer Brandon “Blue” Hamilton who has produced for Justin Bieber, and Quinton Tolbert) they sky is hopefully the limit for Black and her upcoming five-track EP set for August release. Black too rests assured about her ascent to sky-high melodic realms, and is hyped to forewarn her hating hypercrtics, “It’s my time, flying high, lime, mine/Feels like my moment, my moment/I’ve waited for so long/But now everybody knows.”