Have We Really Been Pronouncing Reese’s Wrong All This Time?

(PCM) To finally settle the argument once and for all, the lovely individuals at Spoon University have let history speak the truth and revealed the correct pronunciation of Reese’s peanut butter cups!

So are you Team REES-EES or Team REES-IS? We were always a member of team REES-EES, however it looks as though we have been wrong all this time! We suppose it is like the whole tomato or potato debate, but it seems as if the correct pronunciation for Reese’s is :: drum roll: REES-IS!

The candy is the namesake of it’s creator H.B. Reese who teamed up with Milton Hershey to manage his dairy production. When the dairy production shut down, Reese then decided to have a go at candy-making and the rest is delicious history. His peanut butter cups were a rousing success and were eventually purchased by Milton Hershey in 1963.

Since the candy is named after its’ creator and his name was pronounced “REES-IS” it is safe to assume that the Reese’s candy would be pronounced in the same way. One might also wonder about the infamous Reese’s Pieces which made their debut back in 1977. Most individuals pronounce them by saying “REES-EE’S PIEC-EES” which is technically incorrect. The correct pronunciation would be: “REES-IS PIEC-IS”, so there you have it!

Does this pronunciation debacle really matter that much, because all we know is that Reese’s are delicious, but hey, it is definitely some pretty sweet food for thought!