Reality TV Alert: Undercover Karaoke

Jewel disguised as KarenA few days ago we shared the Funny or Die video titled “Undercover Karaoke with Jewel” with you. The video, that reached 2.5 million views within just three days of its premiere, has now spawned the potential for creating a reality TV show of the same basis. The general idea video creator Eric Appel is aiming for is to have music stars of the past four decades going undercover and creating humorous situations. They would follow in Jewel’s footsteps, donning actual disguises (like Jewel’s wig and prosthetic features seen in the picture included) while singing “karaoke” to their own songs. The idea is slated to be pitched to networks this week. Considering the show sounds like the perfect mix of “Undercover Boss” and “I Get That A Lot” we can only imagine that someone would be interested in picking it up.