The Last Rental From Blockbuster Video Was “This Is The End”…Seriously!

(PCM) How’s this for irony? The last rental made from a Blockbuster video store was – believe it or not – “This Is The End”! A Blockbuster company representative posted the image below on the companies official Twitter account which shows two store employees posing with the customer who rented the DVD with the following tweet: The last BLOCKBUSTER rental 11/9 Hawaii 11PM  @ThisIsTheEnd #BlockbusterMemories @Sethrogen @JamesFrancoTV @JonahHill

Blockbuster1“This Is The End” actor Jonah Hill retweeted the posted claiming “This is nuts and sad”. He also posted the following on Twitter about his own Blockbuster experience.

The last movie ever rented from a blockbuster was this is the end. In high school I would go hang out at blockbuster every day.

The news was revealed last week that Blockbuster plans to close all of its’ remaining retails stores.