Real Housewives of New Jersey: Kim G vs Danielle Staub

Tom Murro, The Celebrity Magnet, and Kim G’s apparent Boy Toy, has gotten some new information about her relationship with frenemy Danielle Staub. If the commercials for Monday night’s (August 2nd) episode give a hint about how the Danielle vs Kim G. relationship is going, Tom’s interview video will make it even even clearer. They won’t be exchanging Christmas gifts this year. (For the entire clip, check out The Celebrity Magnet) Regarding Danielle’s relationship with Lori Michaels, Kim said: “Lori Michaels doesn’t know what she’s getting herself into… live and learn like I did, right?” Tom has been tight-lipped about whatever is going on with Kim G…. She’s a successful woman, happily separated from her husband for several years – definitely NOT an official NJ Housewife (how could she be?), but we have to question how a person, NOT a member of the cast, could have become such a huge part of the show. She even appeared live (via skype) on “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen” last week. We’re looking forward to Monday night….