Rapper In Trouble Over Extreme Dine And Dash Maneuver

(PCM) A wannabe Australian rapper Terry Peck who goes by the nickname “2Pec” went to extreme measures to avoid paying for his dinner at an upscale seafood restaurant on Australia’s Main Beach. Perhaps he just wanted to see where his meal came from because he ended up dining and dashing, literally running straight into the ocean. Could this have been more like a dine and splash? It seems that “2Pec” did not feel like paying for the over $600 bill he had racked up at Omeros Bros Restaurant, so when the bill came to the table he took off running onto the beach. He was chased down by restaurant staff members, but ended up jumping straight into the ocean at Surfer’s Paradise in Main Beach and decided to make a swim for it! The Courier Mail is reporting that 2Pec’s meal consisted of  two lobsters, a baby octopus and 21 vodka oyster shots and “a number of Coronas,” which came to over $600. So, it is completely understandable why the restaurant would be upset and want him apprehended. 2Pec tried to defend his actions by saying that he ran before paying because he friend was going in to labor and was going to be having a baby on the beach. We have to give him credit for trying such an elaborate excuse, but the story failed to pan out. He even went as far as to say that the restaurant actually owed him an apology because the lobster was overcooked and there was a shell in one of the oysters. Really??? He said he had planned to return and pay for the meal, but when he jumped into the ocean “searching” for his pregnant friend he conveniently lost his wallet. 2Pec refused to swim back to shore so authorities were sent out on jet skis to literally reel him back in. He was taken to jail, but was able to post bail and must remain at a property in Labrador until his set court appearance. Something tells us he won’t be revisiting this restaurant anytime in the future, but he certainly did make a splash!