Randy Quaid Performs Fake Sex Act on Wife In Protest

randy-quaid-protest-video(PCM) Actor Randy Quaid has a beef with TMZ, Rupert Murdoch, News Corp’s New York Post, Bruce Berman, and Warner Bros. And to gain attention, he shot a bizarre video of himself in a rant where in the end, Quaid asks his wife to done a paper cutout image of Murdoch’s face – then he approaches her from behind and… well you can imagine the rest. Warning, while this video does not show explicit sex, it implies sex. Mr. Quaid also uses the F word repeatedly. It would not be wise for children to watch this. It may not be wise to watch this at work either. It’s hard to determine exactly what Quaid is angry over despite him listing a number of complaints. Quaid begins by outlining some of his accomplished films such as National Lampoons Vacation and the blockbuster action movie, Independence Day. It’s also very hard to take him seriously due to his recent past.  While he has had legitimate fights over pay on films such as Brokeback Mountain, he’s also had run ins with the law in both civil and criminal cases such as failure  to pay a hotel bill (2009) and  felony arrests involving residential burglary (2010). Quaid appears to be a man on the brink shooting this video. One gets the impression he’s a man that’s given up his last ounce of dignity out of bitterness and loss.