Quite Possibly The Most Awkward Jennifer Aniston Interview Ever!

(PCM) While on her overseas press tour in support of her new film “We’re The Millers” actress Jennifer Aniston encountered what has to be one of the most awkward interviewers ever!  You might remember the BBC’s Chris Stark from his memorable and hilariously awkward interview with Mila Kunis awhile back, so this time he is back and as awkward as ever chatting with Jennifer Aniston about her new film. What makes the clip so funny, is that very little of the interview has anything to do with the film at all!  Stark asks questions and shares stories about strip clubs in Prague, how Aniston is on every males fantasy list, and why her mundane activities such as walking on a tarmac or eating crips make top news. Check out the full interview below:

So what do you think about Chris Stark? Is this all an act or is he really this awkward? At least our interview with Jennifer Aniston ran smoothly, check it out here!