Queen Elizabeth Is Now Britain’s Longest Reigning Monarch! Kellogs Releases Limited Edition Cereal To Commemorate!


(PCM) 89-year old Queen Elizabeth has made history now that she has officially become Britain’s longest reigning monarch. She has been in reign for 63 years and seven months which surpasses the reign of her great-great grandmother Queen Victoria. Elizabeth was crowned Queen after the death of her father, George VI back in 1952. Kellogs cereal is paying their own tribute to Queen Elizabeth’s reign by releasing a limited edition cereal called Queen Flakes that will feature edible diamonds and pearls as it has been revealed that Queen Elizabeth enjoys starting her day with a bowl of cornflakes. The limited-edition cereal will feature macadamia nuts (The Queen’s favorites) ¬†as well! Kellogs is an official supplier to the palace, however unfortunately the limited-edition Queen Flakes will only be available in Great Britain.