Punkin Chunkin Announces A Two-Year Deal!


(PCM) It has just been announced by the Dover International Speedway that a two-year agreement has been reached for them to become the new host site for the World Championship Punkin Chunkin event, an annual contest that will be held Oct. 24‐26, 2014 on the Speedway grounds. This year will mark the 28th year for the event! Punkin Chunkin has been held each year in Delaware since 1986, and sees teams from around the world compete in the sport of hurling a pumpkin solely by mechanical means for distance. Some devices used include slingshots, catapults, air cannons and more. The non‐profit event gives out scholarships to students each year. Punkin Chunkin will take place on the same grounds the Speedway uses to host the Firefly Music Festival. For the seventh consecutive year, Science Channel will be on hand capturing every moment of the high‐stakes, unbelievable engineering and autumnal absurdity of Punkin Chunkin. In what has become a Thanksgiving Week tradition all of the high‐flying Punkin Chunkin action will world premiere on Science Channel Saturday, November 29 from 8‐10 PM ET/PT. The Dover International Speedway is the ideal location to host Punkin Chunkin for the first time. It is located centrally in the state and features incredibly easy access off of State Route 1. The organizers of the annual event claim that they had scouted over 50 locations inside and outside Delaware before decided that the Dover International Speedway was the ideal home for the event. The amount of available space was a huge plus as some of the air cannons used to fire off the pumpkins can shoot them nearly a mile away!