Public Service Announcement About The Dangers Of Speeding Goes Viral

(PCM) If the following video from the New Zealand Transport agency doesn’t tear at your heart strings, I don’t know what will. The public service announcement was posted in hopes to urge motorists that even losing just a little bit of reaction time can have catastrophic results. The video has been viewed over four million times since it was posted a few days ago and it appears that viewers are definitely taking the message to heart. Many of the commenters have expressed just how much the video has affected them and many claim it does a great job of really getting under your skin. The ad features two motorists who are about to crash step out of their vehicles and have a conversation with one another about the horrific incident that is about to occur.┬áThe driver about to be T-boned begs the speeding driver to avoid him, but he can’t. He’s going too fast. The ad ends reminding viewers to slow down. Other drivers make mistakes.