Prom Housed Next to Very Adult Event

At this recent Miami Beach High School prom, I’m pretty sure the kids grinding was the least of their worries. The prom was held at the Miami Beach Convention Center, a measure taken by the school to ensure the safety of their students. Recently, the school noted how hosting their proms in hotels or similar locations did not prove ideal for the school officials to monitor the behavior and actions of their students and ensure all the kids had a safe and fun experience. But parents of the high school students found a problem with the new location as well. The same night of their children’s prom, the Convention Center was also housing a very adult convention called Exxxotica Expo just a room away. The adult convention stars took issue with the parents presenting the problem. They had publicly booked the location over a year ago; long before the school picked the location for their prom. The school continued to defend their decision in choosing the Miami Beach Convention Center, saying it was one of the few locations that would provide a safe environment. Right. Because Miami is such a desolate and isolated place. The only ones who didn’t have a problem with it? The kids, who remained incredibly nonchalant. It was their special night, and they didn’t let anyone get in their way.