This Is Probably The Most Terrible Viral Video Ever! “Chinese Food” By Alison Gold!

(PCM) Those glorious weirdos at Ark Music Factory, led by the always creepy Patrice Wilson are at it again. If you thought that Rebecca Black’s “Friday” was bad, this new atrocity from tween Alison Gold is well on its’ way to becoming the worst song to be released this year….or maybe even this century. The song is title “Chinese Food” and I am now fairly convinced that nothing legitimate will ever come out of Ark Music Factory. Everything they do seems incredibly contrived and they make bank with all the hype and hoopla over how each release seems to get worse and worse over time. Not only is “Chinese Food” incredibly racist, but there is not one shred of musical aptitude showcased throughout the torturous three and a half minute track. The song is band enough but when paired with the absolutely ridiculous and nonsensical video, the whole package is down right vomit-inducing. Don’t even get me started about creeper Patrice Wilson dancing around in a Panda suit rolling around on the ground with a little girl…gross! Somebody needs to stop this embarrassment now and allow these young girls like Alison More and Rebecca Black to keep what is left of their dignity.