Prince’s Family Reveals Plans For A Reality Series About Life After His Passing

(PCM) The world was shocked by the death of musical icon Prince, however we are sure that no one was a shocked as his family and close friends who were left to deal with not only the loss of a loved one, but the aftermath of his death as well. is reporting from sources close to Prince’s family that there will be a reality TV series in the works that will focus on the way his shocking death on April 21, 2016 has affected their lives. We have all been hearing the rumors about unreleased Prince music as well, so the creators of the the series would also like to use it as a way to debut the unreleased material to the world. Now we know the real reason why Prince’s family is in a heated lawsuit with producer George Ian Boxill about the release of the new Prince EP “Deliverance”. The EP was initially slated for release on the one year anniversary of Prince’s passing, however his family wants to be sure that the music is not released prior to the reality series. Prince recorded the tracks that make up “Deliverance” over ten years ago and according to court paperwork, Boxill has been ordered to turn over the tracks to the family estate, however he is still continuing to fight. Currently, the reality series does have a production company behind it, however it has not yet been picked up by any network. If Boxill is successful with his lawsuit we could see the unreleased Prince music early, as the reality series is still very much in the early planning stages at this point.