Price Is Right Contestant Becomes A Viral Dance Sensation!


(PCM) Price Is Right contestant Eliot managed to pull off a feat during his recent appearance on The Price Is Right that few have been able to accomplish. While spinning the famous wheel, Eliot landed on the $1.00 space not only once, but twice earning him prize money in the amount of $25,000! However, surprisingly it was not Eliot’s incredible wheel spins that has caused him to go viral on the net, but rather his insane dance moves after realizing what exactly he had accomplished. Not only did Eliot lay down and do the “worm”, but he also did some crazy butt gyrations and a few ninja kicks for good measure! ┬áIt was absolutely hilarious! Eliot was also the showcase showdown’s big winner earning himself prizes and cash totaling nearly $60,000 when all was said and done! Can this guy be my new good luck charm? Check out the full video below: