“Price Is Right” Model Accidentally Gives Away A Brand New Car!


(PCM) It is the dream of just about every contestant who appears on “Price Is Right” to be a big winner and walk away a brand new car, but to get one without even having to play the game … that is a dream come true! A recent contestant named Andrea was attempting to guess the correct price for a car and at first guessed the incorrect price of $19,849. Then, “Price Is Right” model Manuela Abrelaez made an epic error and accidentally revealed the correct price of the brand-new Hyundai Sonata by removing the wrong tag. Making light of the situation, “Price Is Right” host Drew Carey joked with the contestant “Congratulations! Manuela just gave you a new car! Way to go, Manuela!” You can see the video below:

Manuela assured that the price was DEFINITELY right this time around!  Poor girl looked so embarrassed.  We just can’t figured out exactly what caused her to remove the second tag!