Price Is Right Awards A Treadmill To Contestant In A Wheelchair


(PCM) Ugh! Not again Price Is Right!  The hit CBS game show recently made headlines when one of their spokesmodel’s accidentally gave away a brand-new car and now they are making headlines yet again after awarding a treadmill as the prize for a wheelchair bound contestant. Can we say awkward? Danielle, the contestant in the wheelchair actually won two prizes, the treadmill and a sauna, however that did not stop social media from erupting about the absurdity of the entire situation. Many were not sure if it was a producer fail, but the announcer did seem to very much rush through revealing the details about the treadmill and shifted much more focus on to the sauna. The contestant, Danielle, appeared to be a bit surprised by her prizes and said “Those are really nice”. Good job Price Is Right!  CBS has yet to comment on the incident!