PopLine: Los Angeles, California…On a Harley-Davidson [VIDEO]

I recently had the privilege of being flown to Los Angeles, courtesy of Harley-Davidson & LaGRANT Communications.

I had been to LA several times prior to this trip — the last time prior being seven (7) years ago — but I can honestly say that this was the first time that I really had a good time. We toured East LA’s murals, ate authentic Cali-Mex food (and had some Paqui tequila), and even saw a Dodgers game! (The Dodgers won.) Harley-Davidson is trying to reach the “new” face of America — the growing African-American & Hispanic markets. No longer the terrain of “white rocker guys & Hell’s Angels” the “new” Harley riders are family men, teaching their children the thrill of the open road. CHECK OUT THE VIDEO HERE!