Police And SWAT Team Destroy A Man’s Home To Catch A Shoplifter


(PCM) The amount of damage done to the home of Leo Lech in Greenwood Village, Colorado seems to be a bit extreme, as sources claim the police and a SWAT team were only going after a shoplifter, when they literally destroyed his entire home and surrounding property. Lech claims that he purchased the home for his son, but now thanks to the tactics used by the SWAT team to apprehend the shoplifter have left it completely uninhabitable. The authorities used chemical agents, flash bang grenades, breaching rams and even drove a tank through the fence in their attempts to capture the suspect at large, who they happened to spot running into Lech’s (an innocent man’s) home. After robbing a local Walmart store the suspect in question ran into a random home that happened to be Lech’s and barricaded himself inside. The SWAT team tried to negotiate with the robbery suspect to no avail, so they then decided to use brute force tactics and residents in the neighborhood claim the end result is Lech’s property looking like a complete war zone. Lech is incredibly angry at the authorities for their somewhat reckless behavior and claims while his homeowners insurance will cover the structural damage done to the home, the damage to the items inside is just too extensive. Lech’s son’s family is currently residing in a temporary home while it is determined what to do with theirs. The police department informed Lech after multiple phone calls that they feel they are not responsible for the damages and now refuse to answer any additional calls.