Photographer Who Documented Mall Culture In The 80’s Has Released A New Book!

mall4(PCM) Growing up a child of the 80’s and 90’s mall culture, I found this book to be an absolutely fascinating portrayal of what various malls and shopping centers looked like back in the days before cell phones and other electronic gadgets. It truly showcases the many, many ways in which pop culture has changed drastically within the past twenty years. The genius photographer behind the lens for this brilliant project and book “Malls Across America” is Michael Galinsky. Galinsky was only 20 years old when at the advice of a college professor decided to travel across country capturing the scene at various shopping malls in the U.S. mall1Galinsky says that at that time malls were a relatively new public space and a new community center were people would interact. It was pre-Internet, pre-cellphone, and pre-Gulf War. It is a true testament to the time when you could feel that change was about to occur. The new book is definitely worth checking out to relive a bit of the past, and what many will still refer to as the good old days, at least I know I do! Seeing a lot of the stores featured was like taking a trip down memory lane. Gone are the days of retailers such as Sam Goody, Tape World, Contempo Casuals and many others…I know I miss them…how about you? mall2


 All Photographs by © Michael Galinsky/Malls Across America , courtesy Steidl