PCM Discovered A New and Fabulous Jewelry Cleaning Product

Here at PCM we enjoy introducing our readers to anything new. Whether it is new-s, gossip stories, celebrity updates, and everything in between. Recently, I got a chance to sample a new luxurious jewelry cleaning product at the New Jersey Fashion Week  event in Hoboken, NJ. In went a dirty old ring from Kohl’s out came a sparkling gem that could have been mistaken for a David Yurman original. The product is called Shine by Collé and it is from a new line of products called Collé Collection. When I was at the W Hotel in Hoboken for the NJFW event, a promoter for Shine asked if I wanted my ring to look brand new. What girl can turn down that offer?  I gave her my ring, she put into the cap of the can with the mousse, and I walked away to find some food. Before I was able to return from grabbing a cocktail hour hot dog from the waitress, I saw my ring waiting for me at the counter. “Who’s next?” said the Shine by Collé promoter. Not only was I surprised by the quick three minutes it took to clean my jewelry, but how bright and shiny it now was. (Too bad I can’t throw my car in there!) The promoter started to explain to me that the product is environmentally sustainable and safe on all kinds of jewelry, even COSTUME JEWELRY! According to the official website, www.colleproducts.com, “SHINE by Collé luxury jewelry cleaning mousse was created by Thadine Clifton, founder and CEO of Collé Products, not only with the consumer in mind, but as a consumer. Thadine was tired of the harsh chemical cleaners and the toothbrush method of cleaning her own jewelry, so she created this first of its kind green product in completely sustainable packaging. As the owner of Collé Corporation, Thadine also has twenty-five years’ experience in the specialty cleaning business, assisting many companies including those in the cosmetics and personal care industry. As a global company, Thadine also gives back by donating a percentage of Shine proceeds to JustWorld International, One to World, Susan G. Komen North Jersey, and other charitable causes.” Are you a visual learner? Want a sneak peak of how it works? Check out the video below!