Paris Hilton Arrested… Again

Paris Hilton was arrested Friday night in Las Vegas for possession of illegal drugs. Hilton and her boyfriend, Cy Waits, were pulled over in Waits’ Cadillac Escalade outside the Wynn Hotel where Waits was arrested for a drug-related DUI after the cops had smelled marijuana coming from the car. According to Sergeant John Sheahan, Hilton asked to go inside the hotel for privacy. It was inside that she accidentally picked up a small amount of cocaine in a plastic bag from her purse when she was reaching for her lip balm. The drugs were in plain view of the police in the room. But sources have said Hilton is “not worried about it.” Maybe one of the reasons she isn’t worried is because she has hired premiere Las Vegas lawyer David Chernoff, who has spoken out in an effort for people not to rush to judgment. “Paris Hilton was released [Saturday] morning on her own recognizance. This matter will be dealt with in the courts not in the media and I encourage people not to rush to judgment until all of the facts have been dealt with in a court of law.” Or maybe she isn’t worried because she’s now claiming it wasn’t her purse. And if history repeats itself, claiming the drugs weren’t hers is exactly how she managed to avoid any charges with her marijuana issue in South Africa earlier this summer. Either way, let’s hope with the end of summer also comes the end of Paris and her drug-related police incidents. Prior to her evening out, Hilton had been at stylist Michael Boychuck’s salon Caesar’s Palace, hence the prettiest mug shot she’s ever taken.