Our Top 5 Memorial Day Media Whores

The Hamptons kicked off Summer 2011 last weekend with the usual wave of celebrities flooding the south fork and churning up the usual ravenous school of tabloid press in their wake.  It’s pretty hard to get noticed in such a feast of plenty, and yet, every year, a lucky few manage to rise above the rest.  Publicity whores?  Maybe. All we know is that in the midst of an all you can eat celebrity buffet like Memorial Day in the Hamptons, it takes some real talent to stand up and be counted. Here’s our top 5 list of the Most Outstanding Memorial Day Media Whores of 2011 Number 5: Pop singer Shontelle, whose surprise performance of her hit song “Impossible” at the Angel Wings benefit could be heard all the way to the Montauk Highway when the restaurant’s doors were open. Number 4:  The Sharks of West Hampton, who managed to shut down Cupsogue Beach for the whole weekend and make headline news without even biting anybody. Number 3: Kim “G” Granatell of Real Housewives of New Jersey, for being in the hotel room next to Melissa Berkelhammer’s 3 A.M. soup tantrum and then leaking the story to Page Six. Number 2: Socialite Melissa Berkelhammer for managing to turn chunky soup into a media event. Number 1: Vice President Joe Biden, for providing the only topless shot of the weekend and for tying up traffic on Main Street in South Hampton for hours. The guys who were under the umbrella behind him on the beach talking into their wrist watches were a nice touch, too. With the summer season in the Hamptons starting off with a bang like this, we can’t wait to see the fireworks on the Fourth of July.

By: Beverly West