Our Picks For The Most Viral Trends Of 2015

(PCM) After spending quite a bit of time analyzing social media number and looking at what fascinated people on Facebook, we have put together our year end list of the top viral trends of 2015. 1. Star Wars marketing


There was not a single store you could visit this holiday season without seeing some kind of Star Wars merchandise or advertising. During it’s opening weekend, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” soared at the box office bringing in over 1 billion dollars worldwide. Rumors and speculation about the film leading up to it’s release took over social media and nearly everyone has been raving about the film now that it has been released. 2.  #TheDress


A dress that was either #WhiteandGold or #BlueandBlack depending on which way the light shined sparked up one of the largest online debates of the year. The optical illusion racked up over 4.4 million mentions on Twitter. 3.  Caitlyn Jenner


Social media exploded when Olympic athlete and reality television star Bruce Jenner revealed that he would be no longer living his life as a man and had officially changed his name to Caitlyn Jenner. Once she joined Twitter Caitlyn Jenner immediately gained over 1 million followers and even surpassed the President of the United States. 4.  Silento’s “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)

It is the viral song and dance craze that swept the entire nation. The video which features social media personality Heaven King has racked up over 124 million views on Youtube and continues to spawn hundreds of fan-made videos each and every day. 5. #LoveWins (Marriage Equality)


This hashtag went viral on social media after the news was revealed that the Supreme Court of the United States voted to legalize gay marriage on June 26. Let us know what some of your top picks for the most viral trends or topics of 2015 in the comments below!