Oreo’s New Halloween Flavor:Candy Corn

For many sweet tooths, candy corn is a go-to Halloween staple but now the triangular shaped treat has been transformed into an Oreo Cookie flavor. That’s right, in honor of the spooky holiday Nabisco has released a candy corn flavored Oreo for a limited time only. Stepping away from the traditional chocolate cookie with vanilla cream filling, the latest Oreo creation has a half-orange, half-yellow frosting layer sandwiched between two Golden wafers to create the ultimate Halloween snack. Or maybe not, if you ask the anchors on the Today show, who tested out the cookies Monday morning. “What you can’t see is how these smell,” said Savannah, who also decided that they were “not that bad.” Food critics on the Internet seem to agree. If you like candy corn, you’ll probably like this cookie but if not you might want to search elsewhere to satisfy your sugar cravings. To be fair to the Oreo, it might not just be the cookie that trick-o-treaters dislike. According to a poll conducted by the Today Show in 2011,┬ámore than 47,000 people found that candy corn was their second most hated candy, with 25 percent of the voters stating it was their least favorite. Nabisco is famous for putting out themed cookies. Red Oreos for Christmas, Blue for the Smurf movie, and Green for the latest Shrek movie, but it sounds like their latest creation may have missed the mark.