Lindsay Lohan in Custody Without Bail

After failing two drug tests, Lindsay Lohan has to appear in court in front of Judge Elden Fox Friday morning.

In July, she was sentenced to jail and rehab-time and ended up only spending 13 days in jail and then 23 days in rehab.  Judge Fox released her from rehab after being told she was doing well and said that if she violated probation, she would be put in jail for 30 days.

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And she tested positive for cocaine just two weeks later.  But, instead of just arresting her on the street, he is giving her an opportunity in court. Judge Fox can either sentence her to 30 days and she’ll be released within a day due to overcrowding, or he can deny bail and set a hearing date 30 days from Friday, leaving her in there for the entire month. No cameras are allowed in the courtroom today. She walked into the court house at 8:17 AM, PT.  Stay tuned for more information. UPDATE: Lindsay is in custody without bail, which means she could be in jail until October 22nd. She was handcuffed in court before being taken into custody.  And Judge Fox did not hear arguments from the lawyers before making his decision.