Officially Licensed Dancing Baby Groot Will Be Released This Holiday Season


(PCM) Ever since the brief credits scene in the hit Marvel film “Guardians Of The Galaxy” Dancing Baby Groot won over the hearts of audiences all over the world. Fans have been demanding that Marvel come out with a toy to re-enact this famous scene and allow everyone to enjoy their very own Dancing Baby Groot at home. Many fans even began crafting their own versions of the toy and while they look fantastic, many lack the ability to actually move round and dance. It appears now that fans requests for the toy have been met and it has been revealed that Marvel has teamed up with KIDdesigns to released the officially licensed Dancing Baby Groot toy. When switched on the toy will playfully dance around to “I Want You Back” by The Jackson Five and the pot features the text “I Am Groot” written on the outside. It is just as adorable as you would imagine! The toy was shown off during New York Comic Con and should be available just in time for the holiday season and the price will be around $15 dollars. Funko is also releasing a “dancing” Baby Groot Bobblehead, however their version will not feature the built in speaker or have the ability to truly dance!