What To Do Now That Flappy Bird Has Flown Away

Flappy-Bird1(PCM) Many smart phone game addicts were distraught when insanely popular (and infuriating) app game Flappy Bird was deleted and taken down from the app store. While those that still have Flappy Bird installed on their gadgets are able to continue to play the game, new users are out of luck, unless you feel like slapping down close to $100,000 dollars on a used phone that has the game pre-installed. No worries if you don’t have that kind of cash, as there are plenty of other apps available to get your through your Flappy Bird withdraw! Countless and just as insanely addictive copycat apps have popped up such as Splashy Fish, City Bird-Flappy Flyer, Flappy Super-hero, Jet-pack Turtle….well, you get the point. Most of these app games follow the same premise as Flappy Bird with some being insanely easy and others being quite a bit more complicated. Flappy Bird was taken down from app stores by the creator due to the fact that he because incredibly overwhelmed by the amount of negative/frustrated feedback from game players, despite the games enormous popularity. It is rumored the he may have even received death threats from some completely enraged gamers. Now that Flappy Bird has left the nest for good, app game players will hopefully be satisfied by some of what the competitors have to offer. Are there any app games that you find completely addictive? If so, we want to know!