No More Twinkies?

Hostess Brands Inc. recently sent out layoff warnings to its 18,000 plus workers that this move could be happening within the next two months. The popular company that has weened us on Twinkies and Wonder Bread for many decades mailed out WARN Act notices to employees. This WARN Act requires companies to give workers 60 days notice before closing a facility or performing a mass layoff. Spokeswoman Anita-Marie Laurie reassured the public that there is no immediate action being taken, they just wanted to notify these individuals that a “sale or wind down of the company is possible in the future.” According to the Wall Street Journal, Laurie adds, “Our goal is to emerge from bankruptcy as a growing company with a strong future—one that continues to provide good jobs with competitive wages and benefits.” Although I no longer eat Twinkies in my ongoing efforts to be “health conscious,” a life without a Twinkie is like Snooki without a poof! Hostess is the largest wholesale baker and distributor of fresh bakery products in the United States (according to Wikipedia.) It is always sad to see establishments go, especially with companies like Borders and Blockbusters shutting down all over the area. But, there is slightly more of an attachment to a company like Hostess that was founded in 1930. Hopefully everything works out – especially for all of the workers!