“No Kardashian Parking” Signs Pop Up Around Hollywood


(PCM) Can we give a giant hug to whoever came up with this brilliant idea? It seems that someone feels that that Kardashian family have worn out their welcome, especially when it comes to parking around Hollywood, CA. Mysterious “No Kardashian Parking Anytime” signs have been popping up all over the areas of Hollywood that are most frequented by the family. Hilariously, there was even one placed directly in front of the clothing store Dash which is owned by Kim Kardashian West and her two sisters. Taking credit for the parking sign stunt is a local Los Angeles based artist who goes by the name Plastic Jesus. He claims that the signs are part of an art project titled “Stop Making Stupid People Famous”, however that may have backfired because they have the media yet again talking about all things Kardashian. Plastic Jesus says the art piece is a statement about America’s obsession with all things celebrity.  He explains that the art project is not meant to condemn celebrities, but is a statement about society as a whole.  He feels that the media sacrifices genuine news stories to feed our celebrity obsessions. Funny enough, the LAPD says that no one has complained about the signs as of yet, but they are still considered vandalism regardless of Plastic Jesus’s artistic intent.