Nicolas Cage Superman Documentary In Search of Crowd Funding Capital


Nicolas Cage?

(PCM) Comic-Con 2014 has offered some great new reveals in the Batman V Superman movie with info and images on a range of characters like Wonderwoman and Aquaman. Then there is the interesting side note of a Nicolas Cage Superman of 1998. Old news of course. Who hasn’t heard of the urban myth of Nicolas Cage wanting to play Superman? Turns out a documentary of the train wreck Superman Lives (working title of the film) is using Comic-Con 2014 as a sounding board to crowd source capital in hopes of completing the project. Producer Jon Schnepp needs $85,000 to complete the documentary The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened? It will include interviews with Kevin Smith, Tim Burton, and DC writer Grant Morrison. This YouTube video is the sales device that hopes to impress you enough to fund the project. Check it out. At first glance one would think it sure is great we never were subjected to Nick Cage as Superman. Yet a look at some of the utter ridiculousness surrounding the project is the accident you can’t tear your eyes from. The Youtube video below is Kevin Smith telling the story in his own words. If his story in this video is any indication, the documentary is totally worth crowd-funding. Would you want to learn the whole story from Kevin Smith and friends? Check out his own account along with our photo gallery and decide for yourself. If we are lucky, we may not Nicolas Cage as Superman but we will get a Nicolas Cage Superman Documentary. burton-cage-superman-500px nicolas-cage-superman-suit-2-500px nicolas-cage-superman-suit-500px regenerative-suit-500px superman-1998-500px superman-1998-suit superman-lives-illustrations-500px SupermanLivesStill superman-logo-footage-1998 superman-suit-1998