Newly Released Footage Shows John Lennon Mocking Disabled People During Beatles Performance


(PCM) Newly uncovered footage of a Beatles performance in the 1960’s shows singer John Lennon allegedly mocking disabled people and many are now calling Lennon’s sense of humor “sick”. ┬áIn the video clip, the fans scream as Lennon mimics a disabled person trying to clap their hands and stomp their feet. The video was aired during a British TV special called “It Was Alright In The 1960’s” which showcased TV clips and incidents that aired or occurred during that time period that would be considered wildly inappropriate if they happened today. The video footage has been shocking to fans of Lennon who look to him as an inspiration and advocate for underprivileged individuals, however over the years many of the darker aspects of his personality have come to light. Fans have taken to social media to express their outrage and concerns about the video clip and many feel that Lennon’s behavior was not alright even back in the 60’s!