New York Club Turns Away Danielle Staub At Hailey Glassman’s 24th Birthday Party

Hailey Glassman held her 24th birthday bash at Pacha night club in New York City this past Saturday. Celebrity magnet Tom Murro, along with his wife Kelly, The Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Kim Granatell, and Danny Provenzano, were a few among the many who joined Glassman to ring in her new year. Publicly known as Jon Gosselin’s ex, Glassman headed over to the festivities via the New York Waterway ferry where she met Eric Williams, who played for the Boston Celtics and most recently The Bobcats. This was the first time ever meeting the basketball star, but she felt he made a great “plus one” for her party. After she invited him to her birthday bash, he enthusiastically accepted. With the guest list expanding by the minute, Glassman met Kim G on the other side of the Hudson. The two joined up later with the Murro’s, Provenzano, and Kerry Schwartz from VH1’s ‘Frank the Entertainer in a Basement Affair’. They all sipped on Cristal as they rolled up in their limo to the entrance of Pacha. The night seemed promising, and so did the night club after the many promises the owner made to Glassman. Even though the plans were set and confirmed, several factors went wrong. First, most friends on the guest list were allowed into the club, except for Glassman’s parents and a few others. Although they were on the list and bear the “Glassman” name, the security was so tight they denied the very people who brought Hailey into this world 24 years ago. There was nothing more for her parents to do than to turn around and head home and miss their daughter’s big night. The next person to get denied at the door was RHONJ’s Danielle Staub. She was supposed to be a secret VIP guest for the event, but was not allowed in. I guess the security guards wanted to keep her presence just that – a secret. Although some of Glassman’s family and friends were getting denied outside the bar, they were also being dissed inside the bar. The club promised Glassman and her guests bottle service, and technically they did get a bottle. Fifty of the VIP guests were given one bottle of vodka; needless to say, it went quickly. The Murro’s, Kim G, boxer Eric Kelly, Williams, Provenzano, Schwartz, and MTV’s Adam Brata were some of these VIP guests. Michael Lohan also had a VIP invite including a first-class airline ticket, and was a last minute no-show. What a shocker! When they realized Pacha was not going to give them anymore vodka as they were promised, they asked how else they could get drinks. The employees told them they could use their VIP wristbands, but that did not suffice since the bartenders contradicted that advice and wouldn’t let them use the bands to get alcohol. Finally, some waitress gave them drink tickets from her boot, though they had to use them like food stamps and ration them among the fifty guests. Besides the club’s failed promises and Glassman’s long-time friend Jen getting her purse stolen, it was overall a fantastic birthday party. Williams really enjoyed watching the clubs pole dancers and even TMZ was on the scene, calling Glassman several times to come outside for an interview. She told Tom Murro she was not going to go outside. When he proceeded to ask her why not, she explained, “’’cause I’m wasted, and I don’t want to puke on their shoes on camera.”