New Video Game Turns Your Home Into A House Of Horrors


(PCM) For quite some time now, we have been fascinated with all the new video gaming technology that is currently being developed. Video games are becoming more and more immersive with the use of VR(virtual reality) and augmented reality effects. We have tried out Occulus Rift, as well as, a few other platforms that completely envelop you within the game play environment. Being huge fans of the survival horror genre, and really just horror in general, we were very excited about the upcoming game “Night Terrors” that uses augmented reality on your cellphone to turn your home into a terrifying playing field. The game creates a map of your entire home and then uses the augmented reality technology to place demons, ghosts and other scary objects on your phone screen through the camera app. ┬áThe game even has the ability to make note of the art on your walls and various knick-knacks around the house and make them appear to be moving around, breaking or falling over. It is really a brilliant game play concept. The game is not yet available for purchase and the developers have put together an Indiegogo campaign to help fund the creative process and development, but if you like the idea a donation to the Indiegogo campaign allows you to preorder the game, as well as, help fund the entire project.