New “Roadie” App Will Pay You To Deliver Someone Else’s Goods


(PCM) The notion of a “peer-to-peer” economy has been growing significantly over the last few years. We have seen start-up companies such as Uber, AirBNB, and Yerdle soar by offering services on a individual basis. There now ways to swap your belongings, find a ride or a place to stay by eliminating a third party and going directly to the source. The newest trend in “peer-to-peer” business that is beginning to gain popularity is an new app called “Roadie” which connects users with individuals who will ship your belongings for you. The idea is that the app will match individuals who need things shipped with other individuals who happen to be travelling on the same route. “Roadie” CEO Marc Gorlin says “People are heading everywhere and chances are some of them are heading where your stuff needs to go. Whether it’s car keys, cupcakes, or a couch”.  If you are already heading in the direction that the stuff needs to go, why not make a little extra cash on the side. Users are finding that the “Roadie” app cuts down on very high shipping costs, especially on oddly shaped or large items.  The app requires that all drivers hand over their person information before a pick-up and photos of the items before and after delivery are another requirement. The company also has an open box policy to prevent the attempt for users to try to ship anything illegally. “Roadie” has more than 230,000 downloads in their first year and are definitely looking to expand throughout 2016.