New Reality Webseries for Husband and Wife-to-Be

Would you let total strangers choose your wedding location, wedding bands, floral decor, honeymoon and most importantly, your gown. Most people will say NO but not the lovely couple on new reality webseries, Married on Myspace.
The original web reality series offers lucky couple, Dehlia and Graeham, the wedding of their dreams per gratis. The only twist is, the community does all the wedding planning from start to finish. Fans have the opportunity to vote on every detail of the couple’s big day – from choosing the special gown to the wild bachelor party. The 13-episode interactive Web series concludes with a wedding ceremony that will also reveal which details the community chose.
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With over 15 million views thus far, see what reality webseries people are watching.  See it all and vote for the wedding flowers and Dehlia’s bachelorette party now only on

Wet & Wild: Married On MySpace 2 Ep. 6 Married on MySpace | MySpace Video