New Monopoly Game Is Swapping Out Paper Money For Debit Cards


(PCM) The latest version of Hasbro’s ever-popular Monopoly board game is doing away with one very classic aspect of the original. The new version of Monopoly has replaced the games infamous paper money with debit cards instead and to top it off, there will no longer be a banker, but rather an ATM looking device that can be used to swipe the cards. Players of the new version of the game will be able to use the debit cards to make purchases on properties, as well as, pay any fees incurred during game play. This move definitely changes the way the game will be played in quite a big way, as it completely changes the money-managing lessons that were taught by all those hours playing the original game, however it could definitely make those late-night Monopoly game sessions a whole lot shorter. We are certainly curious as to what kind of lessons the game will now teach about the dangers of credit/debit card spending. The new “Ultimate Banking” Monopoly game will be hitting store shelves this coming fall, just in time for the upcoming holiday shopping season.