New Grand Theft Auto Game To Use Real Criminals’ Voices

Grand-Theft-Auto-5(PCM) There always seems to be a little bit of controversy surrounding the wildly popular Grand Theft Auto video game franchise, so with the upcoming release of Grand Theft Auto V it is no surprise that they are adding a little something that will get people talking!   Not only is Grand Theft Auto V rumored to be the most expensive video game ever made with a budget of $265 million dollars, but now it has been revealed that many of the games characters will be voiced by real and actual criminals. Rockstar Games claims that they wanted the feel for the characters voices and attitude to be more authentic rather than some Hollywood voice actors who went to a fancy school trying to pretend to be a hard gang member, so the voices you will hear in the game with be actual real gang members speaking lines the way that they would normally speak.   Even though the gang members and other criminal voice actors were presented with a script, that doesn’t mean they had to stick to it! The recording sessions were very flexible and the voice actors were able to ad-lib and change lines on the fly to make the scripting even more believable. Grand Theft Auto V will be unleashed on September 17th!