New Episode Of Innovative Web Series Exit Vine Now Airing On The Red Bull Music YouTube Channel

(PCM) Red Bull Media House sets the bar high with their new innovative “choose-your-own-adventure” interactive web series called “Exit Vine” hosted on their Red Bull Music YouTube Channel. The 8-part scripted series follows the journey of “Natalie Lake,” (played by rising YouTube star Hannah Mulholland) a singer/songwriter from the Midwest who moves to Los Angeles to start a band in pursuit of the “Hollywood Dream.” Will they make it as a band? The choice is in your hands.
Today, Red Bull’s “Exit Vine” enlists four popular YouTube celebrities to star alongside recurring roles played by Mia Rose and Hiimrawn (Maker Studios) for episode 5, including: Dave Days (1,512,996 subscribers), Hot For Words (400,746 subscribers), Joe from Barats and Bereta (394,785 subscribers), and Jon from Simplyspoons/Big Frame (176,773 subscribers). In this new episode, the YouTube stars play music executives that believe they can make the band, Ambicide, the next big thing. The audience gets to help Ambicide make the right decision on which executive to sign with by voting at the end of the episode in the comment box. The “executive” with the most fan votes will make the cut for episode 6!