New “American Idol” Judges Announced

Fox has officially announced who will replace “American Idol” judges Simon Cowell, Ellen DeGeneres and Kara DioGuardi. The names have been floating around for weeks now, but it’s finally been confirmed.  Your new “American Idol” judges are… Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler! What does Randy Jackson, the only original “Idol” judge remaining, have to say about the new panel?  He’s calling it “‘Idol’ season 10 the remix, baby!” But who’s going to take on Simon’s role as the brutally honest, but ridiculously entertaining judge? Jennifer Lopez? Steven Tyler? I don’t really see either one of them stepping up to the plate.  Nonetheless, Lopez and Tyler are excited to be a part of the hit show. Tyler said, “It’s being a part of something much bigger than yourself,” he said. “I want to bring some rock to this roller coaster and show you that if you got the heart, you got the talent and you got the feeling to do this, you could be the next American Idol.” Lopez, an “American Idol” fan herself, shared her excitement about the job, “I’m looking for the next Michael Jackson,” she explained. “Like Randy [Jackson] said, we’re looking for the best American Idol ever. I’m really excited. I really am.” It’s been rumored that Lopez will get $12 million a year for her new gig, which is $2 million more than Paula Abdul asked for before she was turned down and left the show.  What about rock icon Steven Tyler? A rumored $18 million! So much has changed on this show over the past few years, most of which didn’t matter too much. But an “American Idol” without Simon Cowell? Let’s hope Tyler and Lopez can deliver!