Never Been Kissed Sneak Peeks

Are you ready for a new Glee tonight? In ‘Never Been Kissed,’ we’re welcoming back Coach Bieste from…not being on the show for a few weeks, I guess, and Puck from juvie!  In addition to returning characters, be prepared to meet a brand new character! You StarKids know him as Harry freaking Potter and the mind behind just about all of the music in the Very Potter musicals.  Now, Darren Criss is Blaine, an out-and-proud student at Dalton Academy, an all-boy school.   He is also a member of the Warblers, the Dalton show choir. It hasn’t been confirmed or denied, but rumors say he might end up being a love interest for Kurt (Chris Colfer).  At the moment, he’s Kurt’s mentor and friend. Don’t know who Darren is?  Watch our interview with him on YouTube. If you haven’t bought the music yet, it’s available on iTunes now.  Check out for more information. Below is the Teenage Dream Sneak Peek and one of the episode trailers.

Darren as Blaine singing Teenage Dream:

Episode Trailer: