Need to Safely Relieve Some Stress, Try Visiting An Anger Room!


(PCM) Anger rooms are now all the rage, literally! If you are in search of a way to safely and effectively let off a little steam, by way of literally smashing and breaking everything in the room around you, this may be just your thing. For the fee of about $25 to $75, depending upon the length of your session, you can set up a reservation at an anger room, show up at your given time, and literally smash the crap out of everything in the room. The original Anger Room popped up in Arlington, Texas, however it’s popularity caught on and now there are plans for limited-time Anger Rooms in major cities across the nation such as New York, Los Angles, Chicago and Dallas.  The website for the Anger Room states that they are “the most cost effective alternative to stress relief on the market.”  Upon entering people are given safety google and suits for their protection and a weapon of their choice (such as a hockey stick) to utterly destroy the room. Customers also have the option of booking an Anger Room together, so you know if you are searching for a new date night idea, nothing says bonding experience more than literally wreaking havoc on a room. However, the Anger Room can not be used to attack another person (thank goodness), the website goes on to state that those who enter together are expected to exit together all in one piece!