“National Night Out” Takes Place August 6

NNO2013(PCM) The National Association of Town Watch (NATW) is celebrating the 30th anniversary of their “National Night Out” on August 6. The event is one designed to promote safety within neighborhoods and gives a chance for neighbors to get to know one another and build a true sense of community. National Night Out takes place in all fifty states and also in Canada and celebrates neighborhoods coming together as one. The first National Night Out took place on August 7, 1984; the official website for NATW stated that the goals of the event were to promote “crime prevention activities, police-community partnerships, neighborhood camaraderie” within communities throughout the United States. The participating neighborhoods hoped that National Night Out would prevent future crime by presenting the neighborhood as a strong, united front that would not tolerate crime. Matt Perkins, Executive Director of the NATW organization, said this about National Night Out, ““While the one night is certainly not an answer to crime, drugs and violence, National Night Out represents the kind of spirit, energy and determination to help make neighborhoods a safer place year round. The night celebrates safety and crime prevention successes and works to expand and strengthen programs for the next 364 days.” Events at National Night Out vary from neighborhood to neighborhood–some have booths set up to provide information to the community members as well as educated speakers and group panels, while others have acts of entertainment, games, and visits from the local police force. No matter what booths are set up or what bands are booked, the overall hope is that National Night Out works to promote a safer community for all people within the neighborhood. It takes place August 6, and you can check out the official website for more information.